Vehicle Fleet

The fleet in its wider purpose is an auxiliary component in the structure of an organization; it is a tool, contributing to the main activity of the company. The expenses realized by the fleet are a significant item in the budget of a company and this requires its responsible and professional management in order to optimize it.

The dynamic economic environment leads us to the understanding that the right choice of vehicles, suppliers and partners is a vital process for every organization. Judging by the specifics of the concrete company and using the long years of experience of the specialists of "Fleet Manager" - Ltd. in the management of fleets, comprising facilities different in number, type and purpose, we determine the functional package of the offered services for each client, the determinant being the strife to maximize efficiency and to optimize the expenses of this activity.

As independent experts we offer a service – a combination of the best practices in the management of fleets and non-standard solutions, based on the needs of your business and determining its development:

  • Selection and supply of automobiles
  • Administration of the activities in the fleet
  • Maintenance and servicing of the fleet
  • Training on safety and efficient operation